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    Wear this at events!

    Wear this at events!

  • Photobucket Hi! I'm Aninjaboy. I have been in DCP since the first month it was created. I rose up the ranks very quickly and theni got LIT. A lot of people got leader including, Crazyhightec, Bam117 (multiple times), and Alfrondo1465. I soon disapeared in the summer and came back around September. I waited a few months and then Wwe retired and i soon got what I wanted, DCP main leader. I will help DCP got back large to defeat all our enemies. Good luck DCP! Hi! I am Ajman9011! I have been in the 1st Gen of DCP since September 2010. I was fighting for us while we got independence from being a colony of UMA. I can assure you we will be large again!
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